Buying A Used Jeep Or Other Off-Roading Vehicle: What You're Looking At

21 January 2022
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Used Jeeps and other hardy, off-roading vehicles have lots of value left in them at a price point you can more easily afford. You can get used vehicles at your local auto dealership and can choose from many makes and models in varying styles that match your budget best. When looking at a vehicle that can be used on all types of terrain, it helps to be picky with what you buy so you know you get quality in your purchase and not just a run-down vehicle.

You can find many quality and valuable used Jeeps that will give you years of reliable and great use, especially if you know what to look for. Look beyond the tires when buying an off-roading vehicle — tires are among the cheapest investment in these cars and can be replaced or upgraded after purchase — and check out these things instead to know you're getting a great off-roading vehicle for your own adventuring.

Healthy undercarriage

Used Jeeps and other vehicles that have been driven in all kinds of terrain will often show the wear and tear in their undercarriages. You can see for yourself how an off-roading vehicle was handled by a previous owner via looking underneath the ride — abused vehicles will have ample rusting, mufflers, and drive trains held together with metal wiring, or loose undercarriage parts.

A healthy undercarriage means a vehicle was ridden safely through terrain and has been largely taken care of and will be free of these flaws and have normal wear and tear instead, indicating proper car maintenance and care by previous owners.

Decent miles-to-age ratio

Sometimes used Jeeps are used mainly for fun and not as regular vehicles, which can be great for those wanting a car with low miles even if it's older. Still, buying used Jeeps and other off-roading vehicles that have typical mileage on them for their year can be best for purchasing, because it indicates that the miles were spent on freeways and in towns rather than on adventuring.

Buy a used vehicle that can be used for a variety of purposes from your auto dealer and pay attention to mileage versus age. The average driver puts 13,500 miles on their car a year, so take the age of a vehicle and multiply it by this number to see if its odometer and the equation are close. If the odometer has lots of miles on it or very few, you'll have to look at other factors of a car you like to determine if the purchase is worth your investment or not.

Contact a local auto dealer to learn more about used Jeeps.