2 Advantages To Going Through An Auto Dealer To Purchase Your Next Used Car Instead Of A Private Seller

1 December 2022
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If your car broke down or you are just ready for a change, you may have been looking around for a used one to purchase. You may have even found and have considered buying one that you like which is being offered by a private seller in your area.

While buying through a private seller is always an option, you may want to reconsider doing so, and instead, purchase a used car from an auto dealer. There are a couple of advantages to going through a dealer to buy a preowned car instead of purchasing one from a private party.

1. Vehicles Are Inspected, Repaired, and Certified Before They Are Put up for Sale

One advantage to buying a used car through a dealer is that their vehicles are inspected, repaired, and certified before they are put up for sale. With a private seller, you usually only have their word about any potential mechanical issues with the car. 

However, with a car purchased through a dealer, the vehicle is inspected for any issues before it is put on the lot. If any problems are found, they are fixed by their mechanics with documentation given to you upon request to show which repairs were made. 

2. Purchase of the Car Through a Dealer Often Comes with a Warranty

Another advantage of going through a used car dealer is that the vehicle usually comes with a warranty from the dealership. Through a private seller, you could drive the car home where it breaks down in your driveway. Because there is no warranty or guarantee, you would be stuck with a nonworking vehicle.

However, depending on the age of the car you purchase from the dealership, the vehicle may still be covered under the manufacturer's warranty. Whether it is or is not, the dealer will also offer a warranty that usually covers any mechanical issues for a certain number of months after you buy the car as well as a policy on any repairs the dealership did before putting it up for sale.

When you buy a used car through a private seller, you have no way of knowing what problems will come with it, and there are no guarantees on your purchase. However, when you go through a dealer instead, the vehicles are inspected, repaired, and certified and usually come with a warranty. If you are ready to buy a used vehicle, contact an auto dealership to meet with a sales representative.