Preparing Your Vehicle For Off-Roading

27 March 2019
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If you often find yourself driving your car off-road, you may be placing your car at risk if it's not modified properly. Cars that are not intended for off-roading should be kept on city streets whenever possible. However, it's also possible to modify an economy car so that it can be used in an off-roading adventure. 

Get Better Tires

The quality of your tires is one of the most important factors determining whether your vehicle is ready for off-roading. The good news is that you'll be able to replace your tires on any type of vehicle. Your tires will need to have a deep tread, which will give you grip in the mud and snow. 

Make Sure You Have Enough Clearance

The best way to go off-roading is to purchase a vehicle that is designed specifically with this in mind, such as a Subaru Crosstrek. These vehicles are designed with a higher ground clearance so that a driver can better handle an off-road adventure. How much ground clearance you need is based on how often you will go off-roading. For example, you'll not need as much ground clearance if you will simply be driving on a dirt road that has a lot of potholes. A 6-inch ground clearance would be fine for these circumstances, but not if you will be driving in the mountains. 

Purchase a Lift Kit

If you feel like your Subaru Crosstrek is not high enough, you could use a lift kit. The lift kit will ensure that your vehicle is able to navigate over objects to avoid damage and to keep your vehicle from losing its balance. 

Buy a Suspension System

You'll also want a vehicle that has a great suspension system or consider replacing the suspension system. For example, you may want to add heavy duty springs and brushings. Also, make sure to purchase bolts that are corrosion-proof.

Be Prepared for Flats

Flat tires are very common when heading off-road. A spare tire can be helpful, but in extreme cases, you may receive too many flats for the spare tire to be enough. When this happens, you're better off having a puncture kit that connects to your cigarette lighter and allows you to perform your own repairs. Many of these kits are not that expensive and will allow you to avoid having to wait for a repair vehicle to rescue you otherwise. With all of these preparations, you're ready to go off-roading.