3 Features That Make Driving Easier To Look For In Your Next Car

26 February 2018
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When you purchase a car, you want to make sure that the car is not only in good shape, but also feels good to drive. You want the car to be easy for you to drive, and have features that make driving easier on you. What these features are can vary from one person to another, but here are three features that you should look for in your next car that are designed to make being on the road a more seamless experience.

Controls on the Steering Wheel

If you often drive by yourself, you can't depend on a passenger to switch to a different CD or a different song when you are driving and listening to music. You can't depend on someone else to turn down the volume on the radio. This is also true if you drive with young children.

When you drive by yourself or with young children who cannot assist you, having music controls on the steering wheel can make driving an easier experience for you. Not everyone enjoys having buttons on their steering wheel, but if you like to change your music and often drive alone or with young children, this can be a great feature that makes driving and focusing on the road easier for you.

Different Engine Modes

It is nice to have a vehicle that adapts to the type of driving that you are doing. Look for a vehicle that has a regular mode, an economy mode, and a sports mode. With these different engine types, you can adjust how your engine wears and drives with the simple push of a button.

That way, you can get better fuel economy when you are doing slow city driving, and you can really kick your vehicle into high gear when you get on the freeway and have to do some long-distance, high-speed driving.

This allows you to adjust your engine performance based on the type of driving that you are doing that day, which should help you get better gas mileage and usage out of your vehicle in the long run.

Automatic Manual Transmission

Most vehicles today come with automatic transmissions; it is difficult to find a vehicle with a manual transmission. However, if you still crave some of the greater degree of control that a manual transmission provided, look for an automatic manual transmission. With an automatic manual transmission, you are able to shift the gears yourself as you drive, usually with the push of a button, instead of with the use of a clutch.

An automatic manual transmission can allow you to control when your car switches gears which can give you a greater feeling of control over your vehicle. This feature has different names for different manufactures, but the idea is the same – you are able to easily switch gears on your own or let your vehicle switch gears for you.  

When you look at used vehicles, pay attention to the features each vehicle offers that make driving easier for you, whether that be audio control on the steering wheel, different engine driving modes, or an automatic manual transmission. Find the features that make driving more easy and comfortable for your personally. For more information, visit a used car dealership in your area.