3 Things to Look for in a Truck if You Have a Family

30 September 2019
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Trucks are not only for young single individuals and retired individuals. Modern trucks are made for people who have families, too. If you have a family and love driving a truck, here are three must-haves to consider for your next big truck purchase. 

Crew-Cab Body Style

When you have a family to drive around, you need a truck with a crew-cab body style. A crew-cab body style feels more like an SUV from a sizing perspective. With a crew-cab body style, you will have four independent doors, so that everyone can open their own door and get in and out without climbing over the front seat or having to open the front door to open the back door.  

Trucks with a crew-cab body style have full-size rear seats, with seatbelts and enough space for you to strap in your kid's baby seat, diaper bag, and other items. A crew-cab body style will give you the space like a car or an SUV would, but with the added benefit of being part of a truck. 

Back-Up Cameras

You can tell your kids a thousand times to never play behind a vehicle, but things happen, and kids forget. That is why with a vehicle as big as a truck, with lots of blind spots, you are going to want to have a back-up camera. A back-up camera will allow you to check all of the traditional blind spots on your vehicle before backing up. When you have young kids, a back-up camera in your truck is a must-have safety feature.  


When you have kids in your car, you don't want to grab your phone and answer it when you are driving. Your full focus should be on the road and on keeping your kids safe. That is why you need a truck with Bluetooth, so you can sync your phone with your vehicle. That way, if you have to take a phone call, you can do so hands-free. You can also use the Bluetooth feature to play your child's preferred playlist over the speakers in your vehicle.  

You don't have to give up driving a truck because you have a family. You just need some of the upgrades mentioned above. Learn more about your upgrade options by reaching out to local Chevy truck dealers. They'll have more options for you to consider and test drive before you make your big purchase.